Zac Meat’s mission is to provide high quality, safe and nutritious meat that will delight and nourish our customers. Our meats are all halal certified.


We are individuals who are passionate about what we do, take pride in our work and display a high level of competency and integrity.


Our processed meats and cold cuts are characterised by their fruity, Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean flavors and are well sought-after for their exquisite and exotic variety and texture.

Beyond food supplies, Zac Meat is also committed to providing value-added services including customization capabilities for cutting, slicing and mincing of frozen, chilled and fresh meats. Supported by our group of companies under the Commonwealth Capital umbrella, we are able to provide a reliable and complete supply chain management solution for our customers. Our Hot and Cold kitchens, butchery, logistics support, OEM and R&D capabilities mean that Zac Meat has the edge in providing our customers the assurance of high quality and safe food production.


1 Established in 1996
2 First home grown Halal meat processing factory
3 Known for high quality products at very affordable prices
4 Awarded HACCP Document 2
5 Awarded Halal “Whole Plant Scheme” Certification
6 Awarded “Food Safety Excellence Award” by AVA
7 Acquired by Commonwealth Capital Group in 2014
6 Awarded ISO 22000 Certification in May 2016


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Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd (CCPL) is a Singapore-based investment company with a F&B portfolio from end-to-end manufacturing, logistics to retail services. Focusing on the food vertical value chain, CCPL-portfolio companies engage in in-house production of meat, seafood, bakery, ready to-eat products, operate state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics services for food retailers and manage over 100 retail points in 8 countries under PastaMania and Swissbake brands. Its key management team have won multiple business awards and possesses deep knowledge and extensive experience in building brands, operating franchises and providing supply chain management services across regional, Pan-Asian and Middle-Eastern markets.